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Don’t Sweat The Pot Stuff: 4 DIY Devices For Smoking Marijuana

There are times in most cannabis lovers’ lives that they’ll be short an implement in which to smoke their weed, whether the last piece of glass broke, the papers ran out or you’re simply at a friend’s place who is in need of a way to imbibe. No matter the occasion, not having a bowl to enhance it is a bummer. Here are 4 DIY pipes and bongs to get you through the slump.

The Classic Apple Pipe


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Most everyone has claimed to have smoked out of an apple to the point that it’s become somewhat of an urban legend. But the legend is very real. The au natural way to get your kicks, making an apple pipe is as easy as cutting out the stem, boring a hole from where the stem was to halfway down the apple, making another hole about ¾ of the way down the side of the apple that meets up with the original hole for the mouthpiece, making one more hole on the opposite side that connects with the other two to form a carb and then just cut out a modest sized bowl out of the top of the apple. Voila!

A Gravity Bong


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This classic has been a stoner staple forever ever. Simply find a pitcher that’s wider than a 2-liter bottle, fill it halfway with water, cut the bottom of the plastic bottle off and then get to work on the bowl. It’s easiest if you have a bong stem to put through the cap after cutting out a hole very carefully. However, if the reason you don’t have a device is that your stem broke, then break out the aluminum foil and craft a bowl out of it with enough excess foil to stick through the cap’s hole and stay there. Use a safety pin to put some holes through the bowl for the purpose of suction. When you go to use it, place the bottle in the water, the weed in the bowl and light the lighter right above it, bring the bottle upwards with the lighter and watch the chamber fill with smoke. Stop before you get to the waterline so you don’t lose smoke, unscrew the cap, hover your mouth above the bowl and then follow it down as it drops and gravity goes to work.

Been Foiled

Though this shouldn’t be anywhere near your day to day pipe, as smoking out of aluminum isn’t the best, it’ll still work in a pinch. Take a 7” x 7” square of foil and wrap about 5 and ½  inches of it around the eraser end of a pencil until a cylinder is formed with the remaining foil staying slightly loose. Gently bend the non-wrapped foil upwards and shape it into a bowl from the center out. That’s it. You have a bowl and you’re ready to roll.

Bursting With Flavor


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Though you might have to run to the corner store to get a pack of Starburst for this one, it’s a fun novelty pipe to make now and again. The concept is very much like the apple pipe with one less hole to make. Just squish all but one of the candies together in a row so it won’t fall apart. Take the remaining candy and stick it on the top of one end. Use a pen to drill a hole through the top candy and halfway through the candy beneath it then use the pen to squish the top into a bowl shape. Take the pen and use it to make one more hole for the mouthpiece by sticking it in the end without a topper and meeting the hole at the other end. The flavor is a nice touch to this DIY option.



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