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Florida Man Blames Edible Marijuana For Assault On Flight Attendant

If you spend any time on social media, you have surely run into the Florida Man meme (see here, here and here). This week’s Florida Man headline involves an international flight, edible marijuana and, of course, a crazy dude from the Sunshine State.

In this sordid tale, the Florida Man’s name is John Hudek IV, who was traveling first class back in July on a Delta flight from Seattle to Beijing. According to a Tampa Bay Times report in July, authorities claim Hudek, 23, attempted to open an exit door on the China-bound Boeing 767. The by-then shirtless passenger’s disruptive behavior “triggered a brawl with flight attendants and passengers who used wine bottles and zip ties to subdue him. The pilot called in the emergency and returned to Seattle.”

Hudek was charged with interfering with a flight crew and faces up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted. But it remained a mystery to what prompted Hudek from going nuts … until this week.

In a court affidavit, Hudek’s defense is that he ate wa-a-a-a-y more than the recommended dose of edible marijuana, which caused him to temporarily lose his mind.

“My understanding is that it was legal to buy [in Seattle] and consume marijuana in the state,” he wrote in the affidavit. “After purchasing the edible marijuana, I ate it.”

On Wednesday, the Tampa Bay Times reported:

Hudek texted several friends before the July 6 flight with pictures of “two or three bags of marijuana edibles.” The friends told investigators he has a history of regular marijuana use, and has used cocaine at least once.

His mother, Linda Hudek, told investigators he purchased marijuana-laced candy that day but did not have a history of mental health issues or substance abuse.

“I have never had a remotely similar incident in all my times of flying on an airplane,” Joseph Hudek said in the affidavit.

The judge bought the excuse, letting Hudek get out behind bars until his February trial date.


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