The 5 Weirdest Sex Stories From 2017

It's the beginning of a new year, which means that it's safe to revisit all the crazy shit that happened in 2017. Even though it's only January, we've have some distance, which allows us to look back and laugh.

Women Are Eating This Fast Food After Sex To Boost Fertility

Smoking a cigarette after sex may look super cool in the movies, but according to a new study, it's more realistic that women will reach for something else.

Here’s How An Orgasm Can Help Cure Your Cold Symptoms

Quiz time. It's cold season and you're all stuffed up. Do you 1) reach for the hot tea 2) Head to the steam room or 3) get yourself an orgasm?

4 Of The Weirdest Sex Injuries ER Doctors Have Ever Seen

Sex is normally associated with happy thoughts, but sometimes things can get crazy and maybe even require medical attention.

5 Ways To Keep Sex Interesting In A Long-Term Relationship

When relationships begin, bad sex is the least of the couple's concerns. Things get more complicated once the pair been together for a while and routine sets in.

4 Signs That Indicate You Might Be Polyamorous, Even If You’re Single

Polyamory includes "solo polyamory," a term that refers to people who have several secondary partners without a primary one.

This New Dating App Uses DNA To Find Your Perfect Match

Two twentysomethings have created a dating app called Pheramor that requires users to swab the inside of their mouth before joining the virtual dating pool.

5 Reasons Why Winter Sex Is Exactly What You Need Now

Winter has a bad rep, but it can be kind of great if you know how to handle it, which is where the sex part comes in.

Ghost Sex Is Better Than Sex With Live Men, Says British Woman

Amethyst Realm is a "spiritual guidance counselor" from Bristol, England who claims she's had sex with ghosts. She loves it, and prefers them over men.

This Guy Is Crowdfunding A Trip To The Caribbean So He Can Lose His Virginity

Brian wants to stop being a virgin, so his next step is not to go on a date, but to create a crowdfunding page to fund his crazy expensive sex island trip.