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Meme Of The Week: This Dancing Pikachu Video Created Millions Of Memes

Detective Pikachu was released this week, with a large amount of critics calling it the first decent video game movie ever made. This curse that has plagued all sorts of franchises was unable to work on Pikachu, presumably because he’s so adorable that people are willing to spend hours just looking at his cheeks.

The creative team behind the movie, capitalizing on Pikachu’s cuteness, did all they could to highlight this, releasing adorable images and clips where he’s seen drinking coffee and making weird faces. Just before the film’s official release, Ryan Reynolds retweeted an hour and forty minutes long video that looked a lot like a leak of the movie. It wasn’t.

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The link from imposter account @InspectrPikachu featured an extremely long loop of Pikachu. Just dancing. In fact, it appears the Twitter account was created just to post this video.

Attentive users noticed that Pikachu’s dance moves were very similar to a “Key & Peele” sketch, and the flood of memes came in. There now is a Dancing Pikachu account that updates videos regularly, allowing you to see Pikachu dancing to the tune of all sorts of songs. Check out some of the best below:

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