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5 First Date Ideas That Allow You To Take Advantage Of The Summer

Dating in the summer is much more fun than dating during other seasons.

Summer Dating
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Summer provides amazing opportunities for a lot of activities, dating included. It’s much easier to have fun on a date when the weather gives you the chance to do other things aside from eating in restaurants and having a few drinks in a bar.

First dates are naturally awkward, where people would rather commit to having a drink instead of doing something that demands more interaction. “Action dates”, while being potentially more scary, are much more exciting than traditional ones, providing each person a memorable moment that, no matter the outcome, will be remembered in the future. “Building an emotional connection through an exciting and fun first meeting is far preferred to what is a more traditional ‘date,’ and the summer weather provides endless first-date ideas,” relationship expert David Bennett told Bustle.

With summer, you can take advantage of the weather, incorporating the good things about it into your dating life. Here are 5 first date ideas that are exciting, not too awkward, and well suited for the summer.

Boat rides

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If you’re located near a river, lake, or ocean then there’s probably an opportunity for you to take a boat ride. These rides provide a great and different setting for a date, giving you ample opportunities to talk and also giving you some distracting scenery that’ll help you get by those awkward first date silent pauses.

Amusement parks

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Julie Spira, CEO of Cyber-Dating Expert, tells Bustle that she believes that amusement parks are the best places for a first date, bringing “out the inner child in both of you.” Amusement parks can be thrilling and romantic, be either riding the roller-coaster or the Ferris Wheel. Arcades can also be fun because it gives both of you the opportunity to play and be competitive.

A walk in the park

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While this idea is much more muted than the previous entries on this list, it works as a nice compliment to dinner or drinks, giving you both the opportunity to walk around and enjoy a beautiful and summer-y background. “Step far away from the across-the-table/interview-like coffee shop date while still keeping it super casual and brief with a walk in the park and a bit of ice cream ‘cause, yassss, summer,” love coach Jessica Elizabeth Opert told Bustle.

Outdoor movie or concert

Movies and concerts are always great for first dates, especially if you’re a little shy and anxious. These settings allow you to bond with someone over a mutual interest while also giving you some room to let go of your nerves. After the event, it’s a good idea to have a coffee or dessert and discuss what you both thought of the film or the concert.


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Mini golf is always fun, providing tons of opportunities for bonding and playful exchanges. Bustle also recommends Topgolf, where the holes are oversized and the game is more like bowling. On these places, food and drinks are also provided.

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