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These Knives Raised Nearly $2M On Kickstarter

Two. Million. Dollars.

Screenshot via Future Technology/Youtube

A knife set on Kickstarter has raised more money than most people will see in their lifetime.

The team behind Kuroi Hana Japanese knives, Edge of Belgravia, needed at least $30,000 to bring their knives to market when they launched their campaign in late May. To date, they’ve raised $1.8 million.

Described in their video as “Japanese steel combined with futuristic London design,” Kuroi Hana knives consist of a whopping 67 layers of supreme quality steel, which has its origin in both Japanese samurai and Damascene sword making.

At full retail price, Kuroi Hana, a set of six knives will set you back $1,100. Backers received the set for just $299. Needless to say, the knives are all gone. A lot of folks are going to be getting really cool Christmas presents this year.

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