Monday, July 13, 2020
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The Wacko Gadget That Fills Bananas With Goo And WHY?

Nobody asked for this. No one wanted this. But here it is anyway: the Banana Surprise Yumstation.

Kitchen gadget reviewer Rhik Samadder for the Guardian was brave enough to test this monstrosity out himself, so we didn’t have to. He called it “one of the most striking things I’ve ever seen but it is also one of the most abominable and traumatizing things I’ve ever tried.”

The concept for this device is simple, yet horrifying. First, choose your viscous foodstuff: cream, jam, chocolate, toffee, whatever is squirtable and would go inside of a banana. Actually, no, nothing should go inside of a banana, but if you can have an open mind about it, perhaps one of those might work.

You’ll then basically core the banana using a tube that’s in the shape of a plastic banana—a banana is impaling another banana here—and use a separate tube to squirt your liquids into the hole the corer left.

Samadder describes the process in an interview with CBC:

There’s a thing, a sort of swabbing stick, that you push down the hollows of the straws to clean them. There’s a lot of plastic tubes going into things and coming out of things. You’re pumping fluids into other fluids. It’s just a very messy, sticky, horrifying affair. You’d actually be better off just putting a straw down a banana with your bare hand. The fact that this thing has been designed at all makes me think it has some sort of dark ulterior purpose.

Absolutely disgusting. Whoever invented this needs to find a different hobby than violating innocent fruits and marketing it to children.


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