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Yes, ‘The Simpsons’ Also Predicted Canada Legalizing Marijuana

If you want any accurate representation of what’s to come, skip the fortune teller. Instead just watch The Simpsons.

By now it’s a long-standing meme the show has predicted multiple historical events of our time. What was once flippant jokes from the show’s writers have come to pass, including a Donald Trump Presidency, Farmville, the Higgs-Boson particle, Guitar Hero, or the Disney-Fox merger.

Time to add one more item to that list—Canada legalizing recreational marijuana. Back in the 2005 episode “Midnight Rx,” Homer, Ned Flanders, Apu, and Grandpa Simpson travel north of the border to acquire cheaper drug prescriptions. At one point, the Ned runs into his Canadian doppleganger, similar in every way except one: Canadian Ned hits the “reeferino.”

“It’s legal here,” the Canadian says, while offering Ned a hit. Flabbergasted by such a suggestion, Ned says to Homer, “They warned me Satan would be attractive. Let’s go!”

Last week Canada legalized the sale and usage of adult-use cannabis, becoming the largest country to do so. The Fresh Toast extensively covered how legal cannabis is affecting Canada, including issues at the border, supply limitations, and how the cannabis industry would change under the new system.

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