Monday, February 17, 2020
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Disney World’s New Wine Bar Will Blow Your Mind

You know what makes watching Snow White, Mickey Mouse and all the other Disney characters more entertaining? Booze. Disney World knows this and has decided to open a massive wine bar. All together now: FINALLY!

The 6,000-square-foot, 210-seat Wine Bar George is scheduled to open in early 2018, which is not that far off, with more than 100 wines on offer (by the glass and bottle), each hand-selected by master sommelier George Miliotes. And wine’s BFFs, cheese and charcuterie, will also be available.

In a statement, Miliotes says:

Disney Springs is the perfect place to open a wine bar and share my passion with the world. Having the opportunity to train and hire my own team while sharing my 40-plus years of knowledge is truly incredible, and I look forward to opening our doors in the coming year.

According to Delish, Miliotes plans to source food straight from local farms, saying “Every menu item will complement selections on our wine list, bringing guests ideal food and wine pairings and culinary explorations.”

Here’s Miliotes, hand-picking some grapes just for you:


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