Saturday, December 2, 2023

The Best One-Liners From Kevin Hart’s Hot Sauce Challenge

Never one to shun an opportunity to promote himself, or in this case his upcoming movie What Now? (in theaters October 14), comedian Kevin Hart took a turn on the web series Hot Ones, wherein he attempted to get through an interview while eating 10 chicken wings in ascending order of spiciness. After breezing through the sriracha and Tapatío drenched wings, his confidence took a hard right after he ate some chile habanero sauce and turned to the water bottle to help ease his pain. Here are his best one-liners that hurt oh so good.

“Tapatío ain’t nothin’ baby, bring on the hot shit!”

— Tapatío, 3,00 Scoville rating

“We gonna drink the ‘teco — see how I just nicknamed it?”

— El Yucateco, 5,790 Scoville rating

Pain is good — what’s the marketing behind that?”

— Pain is Good, 13,000 Scoville rating

“I put [the fire] out for a second, and then that shit comes back!”

— Hot Ones, 15,600 Scoville rating

“I don’t know what realm of safety we are in, but there is some shit goin’ on, man!”

— High River Rogue, 34,000 Scoville rating

“My lips feel like they’re bleeding.”

— 100% Pain, 40,600 Scoville rating

“I see why they call it Da Bomb, because that bitch just blew up!”

— Da Bomb Beyond Insanity, 135,600 Scoville rating

“I feel like my teeth are coming out.”

— Mad Dog, 357,000 Scoville rating

“I’m drunk or high — somethin’s not right, somethin’ is off.”

— Mega Death, 550,-00 Scoville rating (500x hotter than a jalapeño)

Watch the brutal bird attack in its entirety here:

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Posted By: Julien Perry


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