WTF? Insane Scoutmaster Eats 23 Ghost Peppers, Immediately Regrets It

Yes, 23.

ghost peppers
Screenshot via Troop 137/Youtube

Kids, don’t try this at home.

An assistant scoutmaster in Texas — who lost his damn mind —  ate nearly two dozen ghost peppers in order to raise money for his troop, #137. That’s right. In order to bring attention to the fact that the troop “desperately needs scholarship money,” Johnny nearly killed himself. There’s got to be a better way, dude. Like, have you ever heard of GoFundMe?

The most disturbing part of this video is scout master Gayne, who informs the audience of Johnny’s condition an entire 20 hours after his near death experience. And it doesn’t sound very good. Poor dumb Johnny was still in bed with really bad stomach pains. And not long after eating the peppers, he was “sick at both ends and there was quite a bit of blood.” Either this was the stupidest stunt Troop 137 has ever pulled, or it’s an elaborate ploy to get the boy scouts to learn some MacGyver-like ER techniques.

From the looks of Johnny’s YouTube channel, he has an affinity for spicy things, particularly ghost peppers. In one video, he eats some ghost pepper dusted chips that he tops with a generous pour of Black Mamba Extreme Hot Sauce. How long before we see a video asking for donations to help pay for Johnny’s medical bills?

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