Wednesday, March 22, 2023

This Untidy Snapchat Sex Story Will Leave You Reeling

Millennials like to overshare. This trait can be attributed to social media, which has enabled us to voice our thoughts and opinions no matter how stupid they are, without facing any consequences. Our phones protect us from the rolling eyes and sighs of disappointment that inevitably come when we upload a selfie with an inspiring quote that inspires exactly no one. 

This girl took over sharing to the next level, telling all her Snapchat followers about the time when midnight sex sent her and her boyfriend to the ER with a gash on her forehead and some broken teeth. Was it necessary for her to share all of this intimate and embarrassing information? No. Are you interested in knowing what happens? Read on:

It begins…

Some proof.

Some classic build up of tension (Storytelling 101).

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The End.

Do you trust this girl’s wacky rendition of events? Do you think all of this actually happened? We have no idea. She might have added a detail or two for entertainment purposes, but still. What a ride and a great way to use memes.



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