Saturday, July 11, 2020

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Punk’s Still Not Dead: Watch The Doc ‘Another State Of Mind’ For More Proof Why

Obituaries for punk rock have been written many times before. So often, in fact, that "punk's not dead" is common rallying cry for fans and...

TFT Asks: Should Our Next President Be Samantha Bee?

Samantha Bee and John Oliver have been so consistently good on the insanity that is this election cycle that there is a backlash to...

This Will Help Everything: Watch These Kittens Be Adorable For A Live Camera

Are you weary of the burning hellscape that American politics has become? Fearful of the internet's domination of your every move? Confused on what's so cute...

Snaggletoothed Pug Given “Hometown Hero Award” After Rescuing His Family From A Fire

The night of August 29, as Todd Lavoie and Mikaela Sebree were asleep upstairs in their Meridian, Idaho home, sparks began flying from an...

Tomoko: See A 70-Year-Old Pole Dancer Crush It On Stage, NBD

Our bodies are incredible: No matter what age or size, they can do astounding things, as this Italia's Got Talent contestant proves.When Tomoko was five...

Watch: 23 Adorable Baby Pandas Make Sleepy, Confused Debut At China Zoo

On Thursday, the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding debuted 23 baby pandas to the public. The tiny cubs were all sprawled out on...

Meet The 31-Pound Cat Who Guards A New Hampshire Hotel

New Hampshire is known for a lot of things: granite, Bernie Sanders, living free or dying. Now the state has a new claim to...

Korean Announcers Celebrate Hyun Soo Kim’s Game-Winning Homer With Fantastic Call

Last night, Orioles left-fielder Hyun Soo Kim hit a hell of a home run in the ninth-inning. The shot was notable for several reasons:...


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