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A Simple Guide For Making Your Own Touchscreen Gloves This Winter

Touchscreen gloves are a simple item that makes winter more bearable. They protect our hands and allow us to use our phones without getting frostbite.

5 Reasons Why Winter Sex Is Exactly What You Need Now

Winter has a bad rep, but it can be kind of great if you know how to handle it, which is where the sex part comes in.

10 Winter Superfoods That Boost Your Immune System

Winter is not known for it's fruits and vegetables, but there are plenty of them that are delicious and nourishing.

How Do You Train Chubby Siberian Tigers In The Winter? Drones

This method usually works. When trainers in China’s Harbin Siberian Tiger Park wanted the chubby cats to exercise, they too turned to technology: drones.

Let It Snow! Here Are 5 Best Winter Activities to Do While High

Spending time outdoors is one of the most enjoyable things you can do while high, and here are the five winter activities that top our lists here at TFT.

9 Art Museums Worth Spending Your Winter Travel Time On

Travel to one of these cities with awesome art offerings, and spend the day indoors guilt-free. You won't get a tan, but you might get cultured.

Wipeout: 5 Glorious Videos Of People Slipping On Ice

Here are some of the internet’s best clips of people eating it on ice.

Watch A Cat Fearlessly Sled Down A Hill With His Owner

We don’t know a ton about this wonderful video of a man sledding down a hill with his cat happily perched on his shoulders....


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