Friday, June 9, 2023

How To Get Motivated To Run When The Weather Sucks

Time to get yourself psyched for cold weather running! Need some help? Here are a few tips that might actually turn you into a winter weather athlete!

If you developed a running habit this year, you’re not the only one. Since the pandemic hit the U.S., people have depended on running as a way of practicing social distancing. While many gyms are now reopening, there’s no need to give up on running, which is a practical workout that keeps you healthy and provides tons of enjoyment (for some).

While the weather must definitely be accounted for, running is still possible, even when it’s cold, dark and rainy. You just have to get yourself outside. Here are some tips that can help you go for a run when the weather is terrible:

Get excited over it

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The best approach you can take is to get excited over the prospect of running in different weather. When it’s cold out, even though it’s difficult to get yourself out there, people can usually run for longer periods of time, feeling more refreshed and less tired and sweaty than they would in the summer. To help get yourself stoked over this fact, create a playlist or buy appropriate gear, like cool running shoes and weatherproof running jackets. Spending some money on your hobby will make it more difficult for you to flake out.

Get a workout buddy

Having someone you can count on is also an effective way of making sure you won’t back out at the last minute. Talk to a friend, someone who’s motivated and won’t indulge you when you send them a lazy text.

Plan ahead

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Adding your workouts to your calendar in advance can help you adapt to the changing weather. Try to find days that are less cold and rainy and choose a time that works for you. If you skip out on one of these workouts, don’t beat yourself up. But it does work to plan ahead and to know which days you’ll expect to go running outside and which days you’ll use to rest.

Remember how good you’ll feel once you’re done

You never regret working out once you’ve done it. Those feeling of euphoria and accomplishment are hard to beat. Yes, the weather was rough and you felt like a lazy dog, but you did it! Try to think of this feeling when you’re pumping yourself up for a workout, reminding yourself that the laziness fades within the first couple of minutes of your run.



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