Penis-Covered Ancient Roman Home Discovered in Israel

A 1,900-year-old Roman house has been uncovered in northern Israel that was apparently covered in penis-shaped amulets. What is it protecting?

Watch This Man With Selfie Stick Swim In Lava For The Hell Of It

Being adventurous all sounds really cool in theory, but in practice these people are just batshit crazy. Take this guys swimming in lava.

Man Accidentally Shoots Himself With Bullet He Was Using to Make V-Day Necklace

Police in Ontario, Canada say a man accidentally shot himself in the leg with a bullet he was using to make a necklace on Valentine’s Day.

Former NFL Player Arrested For Being Naked Three Times in 8 Months

Days after he was sentenced to 10 days in jail for trying to break into a home while naked, former Detroit Lions cornerback Stanley Wilson II did it again.

The Week in Hot Messes: Bigfoot in Alabama, Frozen Penises, and a Bloody Valentine

Perhaps Valentine’s Day brought out the strange in people this week because there was no...

Why One Girl Created Poop-Shaped Brownies In The Name Of Science

hat would happen if you affected your senses in a negative way? Like would poop-shaped brownies still taste good? Let's find out.

People Are Freezing Their Penises And Vaginas For Sex Stuff

For about $62, you can reportedly get your genitals “frozen” at a spa in Manchester, England to make them more sexually appealing.

Did A Ton Of People On The East Coast Have Snow Sex Last Week?

When a lot of people stay home to stay warm, those people will take the chance to partner up with someone and have sex. Let's see how much that happened.

Panty Party: The Video Game Where You Are The Underwear

While playing Panty Party, you embody a living underwear that tries to save the world by fighting a powerful forces intent on no good.

Sour Kush: Two Tons of Marijuana Disguised As Limes Confiscated

Last month, US Customs found 3,947 pounds of marijuana disguised as limes hidden in a truck filled with the sour fruit. Thoughts?