Minimum Wage: This Hot Topic Cashier Deserves A Medal For Most Chill

If you’re working as a cashier at Hot Topic, it’s safe to expect some weirdness to come your way. Angsty teenagers looking for a new dragon-themed tongue ring or red contact lenses? But sometimes it gets weird.

Broad Daylight: Bandit Ropes ATM And Drags It Home Behind Jeep

A thief tied a rope attached to his Jeep around an ATM machine outside of a Queens gas station and Dunkin’ Donuts and sped away.

Dicks By Mail Delivery Leads to Horror, Lawsuit in Dallas

A company called Dicks By Mail is in hot water after it sent an apparently unwanted package of penis-shaped candies to a Dallas woman, who claims the phallic delicacies are part of a sustained harassment campaign against her.

Happy 2017! Send Us Your New Year’s Eve Hot Messes

We will, of course, keep your tale of woe or triumph anonymous (unless you want the world to know who you are!).

Here Are The 10 Most Bizarre News Stories of 2016

By all accounts 2016 has been a bizarre year. There was, of course, the endless and painful election, which brought out the worst in just about everybody.

San Francisco Plagued By Mysterious Rotten Egg Smell

Dozens of people in San Francisco have complained about a puzzling rotten egg smell drifting...

Cops Called After Festivus Airing of Grievances Gets Crazy

A key aspect of the holiday is something called the “Airing of Grievances,” during which participants, well, air their grievances with one another ( defines it as “an opportunity to tell others how they have disappointed you in the past year”).

UK Cops Played Grinch And Stole A Very Weedy Christmas

O Cannabis Tree, O Cannabis Tree, thy leaves are so unchanging! Except when the cops bust up the yuletide party.

Canadian Man Punches Cougar In The Face To Rescue Dog Near Tim Horton’s

Eventually, Gibb got Sasha into his truck and drove her to a vet. Both he and Sasha escaped with only minor injuries. No word on what happened to his Tim Horton’s order.

Burglar Ends Up With Black Eyes After Homeowner Beats Him With Firewood

To protect your home, you don’t need a gun or knife or even anything usually considered a weapon: Instead you need only a big chunk of firewood, which a North Carolina resident recently used to beat away a would-be thief.