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FailChips: You Can Now Buy Bags Of Potato Chip Crumbs, Because Why Not?

The pure joy of biting into a potato chip and licking your fingers of powdered seasoning is apparently too much for a new snack food that seems to be trolling all of us.

As a big middle finger to the rest of the chip industry, which painstakingly spent decades designing packaging that would ensure the safe delivery of full sized potato chips, a trendy product has hit store shelves: FailChips.


It’s a rather brilliant idea, selling something nobody historically ever preferred, and stuffing them into designer packaging with a name straight out of modern hashtag lingo. They’re perfect for eating quickly, and nobody can deny their sandwich soulmate. Are potato chip “sprinkles” the new condiment?

Not ones to dismiss a potential new trend, Vice has included FailChips (which hit store shelves February 6) in their newest documentary on potato chips.

Did you know that potato chips were born out of a snarky chef’s attempt to troll a persnickety customer who kept sending back potatoes that weren’t crispy enough? True story. As is the story of how one competitive eater, who holds the record for the most potato chips eaten in a minute (18 chips) does breathing and mouth exercises to prepare. For the record, he would never use crushed chips to win a competition, not that they’d even count.

There’s actually a question on the FailChips website that asks how they’re made. Really?

Oddly enough, “how do you eat them?” is a less strange question, as the bag is made to be torn at the corner and emptied into a mouth space. It’s specially designed for “one-handed chip chugging.”

Now, if they could only figure out a way for people to see Jesus in their crushed chips.

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