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One Day Is Not Enough: How To Celebrate National Beer Day On April 7

April 7 is National Beer Day and we have some thoughts: First, thank goodness it falls on a Friday this year. Something about National Beer Day and Monday doesn’t feel quite right. Second, how is this not a bigger deal? People rush to Cinco de Mayo and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations to chug their favorite beer-like libations, but why not do it on the day specifically designated for beer enjoyment? Well, maybe because there is no blue print…. YET! Below you’ll find all you need to know to celebrate National Beer Day the right way.

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If you like cheap, domestic beer, here are 11 of the Best Cheap Beers in America, Ranked. Sometimes cheap beers are the best. They’re light, crisp and refreshing and they don’t kill your brain cells quite as fast as an Imperial Stout or a Double IPA. It’s worth it to keep some cheap beer in stock for your NBD party – and this list has all the favorites.

If you’re looking for a great beer city nearby, here are 10 of America’s Best Beer Cities. Maybe you live in SoCal and you want to hit up San Diego for their warm weather and fresh craft beer. Or maybe you’re looking for some patriotic beer from Boston and you’re willing to walk some cobblestone sidewalks to get to Sam Adams. Or maybe you’ve been freezing your butt off all winter in Portland, Maine and it’s time to get drunk again! We don’t judge.

If you’re looking around for what glassware to serve your beer in, these are the must-haves for your home bar. Don’t forget the Solo cups (and pour a little out for our homie Mr. Hulseman).

If you want to eat pizza all day, here are some great pairings. That pizza you’re going to eat all by yourself goes great with an Alaskan Amber.

If you want chocolate, Irish, coffee or even celebrity beer, it’s (in some cases, unfortunately) all available to you. Some people want those dark chocolate notes in their Stouts. Others want a crisp Red Ale from Mother Ireland. And there are those who want to feel like they just downed a shot of espresso with their Porter. No problem!

National Beer Day should probably involve some drinking games. Here are 9 Drinking Games that aren’t just for long winter nights. Pick a card, any card. Or stack up some Solo cups on the edge of a table and try to flip them. Either way, ramp up the excitement and high-five your teammates!

Finally, take some time to learn a bit of history. Why The Rise of Women in Beer is important, in addition to the root of the industry. And How the Lack of POC in Brewing Is Hurting the Beer Industry. A little education never hurt a good party.

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