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With SteakCation, Taco Bell Is Transforming A Drive-Thru Into An Airbnb

Taco Bell has taken this whole stunt food thing to the next level. They’ve teamed up with Airbnb to promote the new Steak Doubledillas by transforming one of their locations into a teenage boy’s dream, complete with video games, movies, bunk beds and all the Steak Doubledillas you can shove into your face. Here’s the listing:

Have you ever dreamed of living in a Taco Bell? If so, you have really strange dreams. And we have really great news: On October 17th, you and three friends can celebrate the launch of the new Steak Doubledilla by spending the night at Taco Bell playing games, watching TV, and of course, eating plenty of Steak Doubledillas.

This “SteakCation” is happening in Ontario, Canada for one night only. (This presumable level of purification can only happen so often). As for the lowly job of the Taco Bell Butler, we can only imagine his/her role is to fetch the food and drink. Even more depressing, the rules stipulate “Don’t feed the Taco Bell Butler.” Fingers crossed the “butler” is this guy:

If having diarrhea all night with three of your friends in close quarters sounds like a hoot, just hit the “Enter to Win” button on the official Airbnb page and get ready to answer an essay question about why you want to take a steakcation, which is probably best addressed while high.



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