Sunday, February 23, 2020
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The Stupid Fireworks Award For 2017 Goes To This Guy

We saw plenty of fireworks fails over the past year, but as 2017 continues to out-do itself, it’s only right that the biggest fireworks fuck-up would emerge on the birth of our nation this year.

A man in Michigan wins the Stupid Fireworks award because he decided it was the best way to solve his bee problem—a nest was growing in his garage. Of course, he burned his own garage down instead.

West Michigan’s WWMT reports:

MLive reports crews responding to the home in Grand Blanc Township on Monday saw fireworks shooting into the sky from the burning garage. No one was injured. Grand Blanc Fire Chief Bob Burdette says the homeowner was trying to use a smoke bomb to get a bees’ nest out of the garage. Homeowner Mike Tingley says that while he’s sad about his garage, he’s happy the incident wasn’t worse. Tingley says “everyone is safe and that’s the main thing.”

That’s a pretty calm and reasonable reaction from someone who just tried to blast bees out of his home using explosives. Or, it’s the reaction of a man who knows he’s fucked up big time and doesn’t want to admit that this was massively dumb.


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