Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Summer Fun! Marijuana-Friendly RV Park Planned In Oregon

It's the perfect marriage for the outdoorsy cannabis consumer: An RV park that will cater to campers who enjoy a toke or two around the campfire.

10 International Retreats For The Body And Mind You Need Now

With seemingly limitless options to escape “doing mode” and enter “being mode,” we found the top 10 international retreats.

Camp Grounded: How This Adult Camp Changed My Life

I watch CEOs, acrobats, and tech moguls all do the same thing-- cover their faces in shaving cream while people cheer and throw cheese puffs at them. Half of the people in the audience are wearing tutus. Everyone is...

Poll: Would You Use This New Urinal To Wash Your Penis?

If necessity is the mother of invention, you can make your own assumptions about how this one came about. Spanish entrepreneurs dreamed up the "Urinary 2.0," a urinal-bidet combination. Sensors activate a "water curtain sudsy" that does its job in three seconds, complete...

Which Of These Adult Camps Is Right For You?

This summer was wet and hot, but it's not over yet. If you're yearning for another shot at talent show fame, or just miss a time before the internet in our pockets started ruining everything, there's still time to throw your phone into the...

Speed Up Your Game and Defy Death With This Golf Cart Jetpack

Golf is a sport of leisure. At its most intense, the game requires only the stamina to swing a light metal club and walk a distance of a few hundred yards. Now, with the invention of the Golf Cart...

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