Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Mexico Gives Middle Finger To Avocado Prices By Making World’s Largest Batch Of Guacamole

Can you even imagine what 6,600 pounds of guacamole looks like? That’s a helluva lot of tortilla chips.

That’s also: 25,000 avocados, 1,000 people to help mash them (including 600 nearby culinary students), and who knows how many tons of leftovers.

Thousands flocked to Mexico’s Jalisco state to eat the guac, many of whom traveled from Guadalajara (the state capital).

And while that’s very entertaining and all, there was a larger point to all of this: growers and Mexico used the stunt to draw attention to the fact that Americans and our obsession with avocados (80% of U.S. avocado consumption comes from Mexico) has benefited from the North American Free Trade Agreement that is now under threat from President Donald Trump.

The World Record breaking guac was made on Sunday, the same weekend that, according to Reuters, “negotiators from Canada, Mexico and the United States were meeting in the Mexican capital this weekend to revamp the 23-year-old NAFTA accord that Trump has threatened to end if he does not get concessions to curb a trade deficit with Mexico.”

Says Ramon Paz, spokesman for Michoacan’s growers, the largest producers of the Hass variety in Mexico, “The imports of avocados from Mexico have not cost one single job to the domestic industry [in the United States].”




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