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Marijuana Etiquette Tips For Backyard Barbecues

Summer is the time of year when Americans like to hang out in their backyards getting liquored up on fruity cocktails while slabs of meat cook on the grill. These mosquito-swatting soirees have been a custom in this country for decades, beginning shortly after World War II as a way for people who had tied-one-on in places like California and Hawaii to recreate those experiences at home.

But now that marijuana is legal in parts of the country, some party-goers are opting to bring cannabis products to these backyard events instead of the traditional bottle of wine or a six-pack of beer. Yet since the herb is still far from as socially accepted as alcohol – this is true even in states where it is legal — it is necessary, in some cases, to exercise a little couth when showing up to someone’s house with weed.

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So, in the interest of not offending your hosts, here are a few weed etiquette tips for backyard barbeques.

Ask The Host If Bringing Marijuana Is Okay First

While a party host will always be happy to see that you’ve brought along a bottle of whatever, showing up to a backyard barbeque with marijuana is not always met with the same enthusiastic fanfare.

Depending on the situation, it might not be a good idea to have a bunch of people standing around outside, blowing pot smoke into the air for the rest of the neighborhood to smell. This could quickly turn into a situation where the cops show up and start handing out citations or even making arrests.

Even if the party is going down in a legal state, it is always polite to first check with the host to make sure the event is cannabis-friendly. Although they might not want a bunch of people smoking weed in front of their kids, they may be more than fine with the idea of their guests consuming edibles. Find out their preference before showing up. No matter which direction the conversation goes, any host will be more than appreciative that you respected them enough to ask.

Don’t Just Show Up and Immediately Start Toking

Even if the host tells you that it is perfectly acceptable to bring marijuana to their backyard barbeque, it is probably not a good idea to toke up as soon as you arrive. The host may have decided that all of the cannabis consumption is going to take place in a designated area to keep some of the more conservative guests from feeling uncomfortable. Once again, marijuana just doesn’t have the social acceptance to be used in some places as freely as booze. Hopefully, that will change one day.

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Your host may also want to keep the weed odor from wafting over to their neighbors. There could be any number of reasons that smoking marijuana right out in the open might not be advantageous to their particular situation. And since they are the ones who have to live there, we must respect their rules. So, it is always polite to inquire before sparking up at any party. Just ask: “Hey Jim, are you cool with me firing this thing up right here, or did you have something else in mind?” They will provide you with the necessary guidance, we assure you. Just be courteous and follow the lead of your host.

Bring Enough To Share

Chances are there are going to be more people at a backyard barbeque who like getting stoned than you think. Everyone knows there is nothing more satisfying than catching a mean case of the marijuana munchies before digging into all of the grilled meats and sides that these parties tend to offer. But, unlike you, other guests may not have been forward-thinking enough to bring weed. Instead, they packed a cooler of Zima, the ingredients for Appletinis or something equally embarrassing.

Let them know that there is pot in the vicinity, and you had better believe that they will try to get in on the mix. It doesn’t matter if you only brought one joint, 20 people are going to want a hit off of it. So, bring plenty of marijuana along to share with others. We recommend edibles. They are versatile and it keeps everyone from having to swap DNA just to catch a buzz. This will be your contribution to the party, and, trust us, you will make a bunch of new friends before the end of the night.


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